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Techpal Systems, Inc.
Software Solutions

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Sofware Development

TPSI offers Custom software development and long-term maintenance of applications for businesses. We work with members of your organization to learn their business approach and apply our experience and technical expertise to provide the optimum custom technical solution for your business needs. Our Development methodology consist of the following:

  • Through systematic analysis of your Business Requirements we develop     a detailed Functional Requirements and translate those into technically     feasible Functional Features.
  • Design and build applications that use the latest technology and     development tools.
  • Applications are tested thoroughly to assure the quality and     performance.
  • Integrate applications into your business process.
  • Develop documentation and training materials for our clients to be able     to support, maintain and enhance the applications.
  • All accomplished quickly and cost effectively.

    Web Development

    One of our specialties is affordable, reliable, high performance web site design, development, marketing and maintenance for small to medium sized businesses and organizations. We are specialized in internet/intranet applications and graphic design too. We can do almost anything from simple one-page web sites to complex multiple page websites at affordable price.

    We are eager to provide businesses with the online positioning power necessary to stay competitive. We take time to get to know our clients and their businesses. We will help you identify your objectives and help you understand how an Internet presence can benefit your business/organization.

    TPSI is represented by knowledgeable professionals with industry experience in designing and developing web sites. We can help you design and develop a web site that uses current technologies and is easy to maintain.

    TPSI will be able to help you even if you already have a web site that needs some updates. We can help you redesign your existing web site into a brand new one. Also we can help you maintain your website by updating the information, adding new section etc. We will make sure that it has the latest information and all the links work the way itís supposed to.

    We work closely with our clients to ensure satisfaction. We are committed to providing your business a professional image on the Internet.

    Management Solutions

    We can help organizations make the best use of their resources in managing a mix of projects and operational work. This includes

  • We can share our expertise and help you develop a project management     plan that will work for your organization.
  • Tools that make more efficient and effective use of skilled resources     through resource allocation, capacity planning and skilled modeling.
  • Electronic time sheets which ensure the availability of quick and accurate    status information on all projects and operational work.
  • Repository features to provide a single integrated view, at multiple levels     of all projects and operational work across the enterprise.

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