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GECT Project

A letter to GECTians from Kripa

Hi All,

As we all know, our beloved CS department at GECT is in dire need of some funds. Since most of us who graduated from the college is in some position to help the college financially, why not we contribute something? After all, we own some gratitude to our college for the bread we earn. Couple of us already know about the existence of Kripa group. This group is and will be playing an active role in helping Kerala (Please send an ADDME e-mail to to become a member and know more about our activities). One of the activities of Kripa is to provide aid to GECT. I'm the one who is planning and co-ordinating this activity for Kripa.

Kripa has come up with a way to make contributions to the department. We plan to donate some money to a departmental committee consisting of HOD. One of the student representatives, Maneesh, has submitted a list of immediate requirements. The totals would amount to $2,400. I am attaching his request withthis.

Please contribute any amount you wish ASAP. If we all could contribute $100 each , that would be great. This way we could raise the required money for their immediate needs.Consider this as a good opportunity to pay-back something to GECT. Please send your donations to Rajash Gopalakrishnan, 1300 E Algonquin Rd, #3M,Schaumburg, IL 60173.




**********Message from association secratary***********

Date: Monday, August 23, 1999 9:44 PM

Subject: aid to gect


Dear Raj,

Received your mail.Thank you very much for your immediate and positive response.As you had directed I enquired about the immediate requirements.The teachers had a discussion among them and gave me the following message for you.

There seems to be n apparent limit for the needs of the ailing lab.It is up to you to specify your limits.However they(tachers) have given two of the plans possible.




Two plans for renovating the laboratories of computer science department are given below.Depending on the budget available ,the suitable plan may be chosen either partly or fully.The difficulty in executing these

plans using governmental provisions is the unreasonable delay associated with the procedural tangles.If voluntary agencies come forward to contribute these ambitious plans can be executed within two months.

If the contribution is in terms of money,a departmental committee consisting of the HOD ,staff members in charge of the labs and student representatives shall be formed which will be responsible for performing an

internal audit,in addition to executing the plans.

1)If the contribution is in terms of money ,then the plan for spending it is as follows.

1.Repair the UPS systems all of which are in nonusable state.(4x1500=6000)

2.Replace the batteries(4x12,000 =48,000)

3.Repair the air conditioners.(8x1500=12000)

+new stabilisers(8x700=5600)

4.Repair the ceiling of the lab(3000)

5.Repair some PCs at component level(10,000)

6.Provide students with internet facility :- to subscribe therequired account (3000) .

7.Arranging a working capital for meeting annual maintenance contract(20,000).

2)If the contribution is in the form of components/equipments the items required are :

1.UPS -2KVA -3Hr.backup-ONLINE-pure sine wave[5 x45,000(approximately; includingbatteries)]

2.multimedia system.

3.Ltest text books in computer networks ,operating system,acomputerarchitecture,DBMS etc.

4.journals-relevant ones(two or three).


We realise that the above plans are a little too ambitious.Therefore our sir has asked me to give stress on the words ' partly or fully'.Whatever you can contribute that much good for the lab.The items in

the plan above are given in the order of decreasing priority.Moreover if your budget is low,it would be desirable to get it as money because more works(repair works)can be done using that.

Also ,I hope things will get easier if more people are involved rather than depending solely upon the 30 members of kripa.As you know ,I had first posted my request in the gect mailing list.But I haven't received any productive reply other than yours.Could you give me the address of any specific persons in charge of such organisations.Hope that you would help us in this direction too(in getting more people involved).

Wishing you a very happy ONAM,


GECT officialy anounced the formation and details of the committe

Dear Raj,

As per your letter dated Sep 27, 1999 we have formed a committee to plan and execute renovation
of the department laboratory using the fund you have offered to raise for the department. The committee is
chaired by me and includes the following members.

Chairman                           :- Mr. K.V.Manoj Kumar (Asst. Professor & H O D in-charge,
                                                                  CSE Dept.)

Staff Representatives         :- Mr. P.C. Reghu Raj(Asst. Professor, CSE Dept)
                                         :- Dr.S.Radhakrishnan (Asst. Professor, MC A)

Student Representatives        :- Maneesh Kumar .P (S8)
                                            :- Aneesh.V (S8)
                                            :- Lino        (S6)   
                                            :- Neil Mahesh    (S4)

We look forward to hear from you for further action.


                                            With Regards

                                          (Mr. K.V. Manoj Kumar)

Event List
Kripa representative hand over the first instalment of our fund to the committe

GECT officialy anounced the formation and details of the committe.

Kripa have started contacting GECTian for helping this project

Kripa have contacted GECT to form a committe to accept and utilise the fund

Student And Staff representative contacted Kripa for help

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