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Current Projects

KRIPA & NEW [Project ID: NEW]

Accomplished Projects


CASP is National Voluntary Organisation (CASP-Community Aid & Sponsorship Programme) that caters to the needs of underprivileged children in the age group of 5-18 years. Kripa is joining hands with CASP and helping them to raise the fund and support for their activities in Kerala. Kripa is willing to sponsor several of their projects according to our members support. More about casp...

Please send your contribution to Kripa with project id as CASP so that we can forward it to them.

SOS Children's Village Project [Project ID: SOS]

The SOS village currently supports about 275 children. More than half of them (who are at high schools and colleges) stay outside the village. A family consists of 9 to 10 children and a mother. One can sponsor a child or sponsor his education and the sponsor can also decide the sponsoring period. The rates for sponsoring the complete expense of a child is Rs: 250/- per month and that for the education only is Rs: 50/- per month.

The project has started on Jan 1, 2000. Currently Kripa is sponsoring 7 children. We are planning to enhance and continue the support with your help. The project coordinator in US is Giri ( and local contact will be Sujeesh ( SOS will update Sujeesh and Kripa with the details of the sponsored children regularly. Members of Kripa can visit the children whenever possible. This will give us more realistic picture of the needs of the children. SOS also welcomes this. More about SOS...

Yakkara Sravana Samsara School [Project ID: YAKKARA]

Yakkara Sravana Samsara School started in 1982 for the deaf and dump. School is running with the help of Central and State Governments. The funds from the Government are not enough to meet the complete expenses. The school is kept running with the help of donations from the general public and parents of the children studying there. This project is meant for helping disabled kids. We have promised to set up a fully equipped computer lab for the high school kids to learn and practice computer skills. As a first step, we provided one computer to the School. Now there is a plan to start courses with the help of LBS for students after high school.


SHILPA is a special school where 45 children of varying ages and with differing degrees of mental and physical disability, are taught basic self-help skills. Things that come naturally to normal children are extremely difficult for these youngsters. Shilpa need funds to carry on the good work. . It takes around Rs 2000/- only to sponsor a kid for one year in Shilpa. They also need funds to set up infrastructure. Kripa is planning to sponsor 5 kids in Shilpa during next one year.

GECT Aid [Project ID: GECT]

Continue the financial aid to the computer science department of Govt. Engineering college, Thrissur for improving the infra structure. This will be helpful to all students in the college to improve their computer skills and technical knowledge. The main source of the fund is the alumnis of GECT. Kripa is keeping a separate account for this activity and we would like to thank everybody who had already contributed to this account.

Kripa has contributed first two installment of the promised fund. The first installment was $500 and the second was $1,000. This has given to the steering committee for the utilization of the improvement of the department facilities.

GECT IEEE magazine subscription [Project ID: GECT IEEE]

Kripa has provided the financial aid to subscribe seven relevant IEEE magazines to help and improve the technical skills of the students in Govt. Engineering College Thrissur.

Future Projects

Provide Technical Access

This is an area where Kerala's students are lacking direction. Poor, but brilliant students are not getting sufficient directions for their future due to unavailability of information. Kripa would like to initiate a study and would like to help those students or schools. We will provide the information or books to the schools, which can be saved in the library for future reference.

Provide food and drinking water

Even now people in certain areas of Kerala are suffering from shortage of drinking water. Kripa will put some effort in identifying a few locations where this help is absolutely needed.

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Future Projects

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