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Kripa News

July 21, 2001

The Kripa executive committee is meeting next week (July 29th, 2001) to do project evaluation and action plan for our membership drive.

July 07, 2001

We have completed preparing the Kripa brochure for the on-going membership drive during Onam season. I would like to thank Azim and all executive members for their continous effort to achieve this goal. We are planning to comeup with a new look and feel for our web site and logo. We have already completed preliminary discussion regarding this. Kripa is revising it's mission statement for a better representation of our focus and goals.

July 02, 2001

We are working hard to give our organisation a new look and prmote our organisation to next level. As I notified in our quaterly report the organisation commitee had taken very stern action to achive our goals. We will meet again at the end of this month to evaluvate our progress and plan for next quarter. I hope we will see some drastic changes by the end of this quarter and more organisational activites during Onam season. We are requesting all members to get ready for the mebership drive efforts. I will keep you posted regarding this as we approach the season.

June 03, 2001

The following was the greatest event for Kripa. The executive conference call to discuss our future activites. Please read!.

Meeting Details
Date: 03-Jun-2001
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 (CST)
Method: Conference call (since everybody couldn't login in to Kripa chat)

Action Plan:

  1. We can't forget the importance of Onam and as a group we want to give more importance to that too, so we have chosen August as our Membership month. We are increasing the group strength to 100.

  2. The fund raising will start on the same month(Aug) for a given period of weeks. We are trageting on $10,000/year for Kripa. the members may have an option to choose the project while they contribute. The active projects are SOS, Yakkara and CASP.

  3. The project marketing strategy
    • Develop a more professional electronic brochure (text,pdf and Kripa web link) before July 15'th. The first crude version will be prepared in two weeks by Raj and will finalise by all executive members input and give artistic touch.
    • All new members will be contact immediately by either telephone or by a presonal e-mail with the brochure.
    • All exisitng members will be contacted during fund raising season. This effort will be divided among the executive members.

  4. We are concentrating on only three projects. SOS, Yakkara and CASP. The following will be program co-ordinator
    SOS - Giri
    Yakkara - Pradeepan
    CASP - Naveen
    All executives will help the program co-ordinators in accomplishing projects. The responsiblities of the program co-ordinator will be
    • Keeping the accounts
    • Preparing marketing strategy
    • Contacting the local contact of the projects at least once a month.
    • Keeping track of fund utilisation details
    • Keeping and motivating the Kripa group about the project.

  5. Pradeepan will get all information of Yakara project from Giri and will try to make a local (Palghat) contact.
    Next Meeting: 29-Jul-2001 @ 10:00AM (CST)

May 26, 2001

The executive members are preparing for the first quaterly meeting on June 3'rd. We will discussing some key factors to promote and energise our group. I will update you about his meeting later. If any members are thinking that we have to discuss some important topic. Please feel free to let me know about that ASAP.

Kripa executive committee is meeting on July 29th, 2001 to do project evaluation and action plan for our membership drive

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