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SOS Children's Village Project

SOS Children's Villages of India is a non-political and non-denominational welfare organization. It is part of the worldwide SOS Children's Village movement now in 131 countries and a member of the Umbrella organization, SOS Kinderdorf International. SOS gives the children, a closest alternative to a natural family i.e. a SOS family where they find a mother, brothers and sisters to grow up with. Within the security of a family, children can grow-up into independent and responsible citizens of society.

How SOS Children's Village changes the lives of children in need

At SOS village, we believe that only the love of a caring mother, a family and a home can help a child grow up as a contributing member of society. And it is exactly this love and understanding that we provide to every child who comes to an SOS children's village.

The foundation of every SOS village is the home. Each home is looked after by a carefully chosen mother, who looks after the emotional needs and well being of several children - binding them together into a family.

However homeless they are when they come into the village, they are given an environment as close as possible to a normal home. So instead of crowded dormitories and bare essentials to survive by, every child finds a proper home like yours and mine and brothers and sisters to grow up with.

This basic philosaphy is the driving force behind the success of every SOS Children's Village.

The Village Family

The SOS village at Thrissur currently supports about 275 children. More than half of them (who are at high schools and colleges) stay outside the village. A SOS family consists of 9 or 10 children who live together with their 'SOS Mother' in a home like a natural family. Children attend local schools and are kept in close contact with neighbouring communities. A family home has 3 rooms for children, a room for the Mother, a large living room, a kitchen and a garden. They come together during holidays like Onam and Christmas.

Over the years, our children have grown up to become Engineers, Doctors, Film makers and even Journalists! Thanks to the love and support they got during their growing years, SOS children are today married, independant and well settled in various walks of life.

Would you like to be a family friend?

There are infinite ways in which you can help a child in an SOS children's village. As friend, you could contribute as little as Rs:300/- annually towards the welfare of the children. Should wish to contribute to the education of a child or children through the educational fund, your contribution would be just rs:600/- per year per child. Your desire to sponsor a child and be a part of the family would cost you just Rs:3,000/- annually per child. What's more, in case you would like to be a part of the village family, we will help you identify a specific child needing tyour support and send you photographs of the child along with all relevant details. You can then correspond with and spend time with the child whenever you wish.

SOS will update the local contact and Kripa with the details of the sponsored children regularly. Members of Kripa can visit the children whenever possible. This will give us more realistic picture of the needs of the children. SOS also welcomes this. Local contact person from Kripa visits our seven children on their birthdays with gifts. Kripa provides some gifts to all inmates of SOS once a year, usually during Onam.

The project coordinators are Giri (US) and Sujeesh (Thrissur). For more details, contact the coordinators.

Main Events
Jun, 2001 - Sponsored Nijil

Dec, 2000 - Christmas Gifts to our kids

Sep, 2000 - Onam Gifts to our kids

Jun, 2000 - Sponsored Aparna

May, 2000 - Sponsored Hitha

April, 2000 - Sponsored Akhil

Project Started on Jan 01, 2000. Started with sponsoring 3 children








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