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Lombard Menu                           
Iddly $3.25
Rice & lentil dough cooked in steam as cake. Served with sambar &coconut chutney.
Medhu Wada $3.25
Special lentil puree fried in oil as donuts. Served with coconut chutney.
Masala Wada $3.95
Gram lentil patties blend with onions, fresh corriander & special herbs. Served with coconut chutney.
Dahi Wada $3.95
Lentil donut soaked in mouth watering seasoned yogurt sauce.
Special Aloo Bonda $3.95
Potatoes & Cashews dumping batter fried with gram flour.
Sambar Wada $3.95
Lentil donuts soaked in sambar. Served with coconut chutney.
Rasam $2.50
Hot lentil consomme made with tomato & fresh herbs. served with sambar & coconut chutney.
Plain Uthapam $5.25
Thick rice & lentil pancake.
Onion Uthapam $6.25
Thick rice & lentil pancake topped with onions.
Onion & Hot Chilly Uthapam $6.25
Onion & green pepper topped pancake.
Onion & Peas Uthapam $6.25
Topped with tomato & peas.
Tomato & Peas Uthapam $6.25
Topped with tomato & pea.
Special Uthapam $6.25
Topped with special vegetables.
Sada Dosai $5.25
Rice & lentils mixed with an experienced judgement, spread on a hot griddle to a crispy crepe.
Masala Dosai $6.25
Rice & lentil crepes filled with seasoned potatoes, onions.
Butter Masala Dosai $6.95
Masala Dosai with butter.
Onion Rava Dosai $6.25
Thin cream of wheat crepes.
Onion Rava Dosai $6.95
Cream of wheat crepes with onions.
Rava Masala Dosai $6.95
Thin cream of wheat crepes filled with potatoes & onions.
Mysore Dosai $6.25
Thin rice crepes with layers of hot chutney.
Mysore Masala Dosai $6.95
Thin rice crepes with layers of hot chutney with potatoes & onions.
Paper Dosai $6.25
Thin rice crepes rolled & crispy.
Paper Masala Dosai $6.95
Thin rice crepes rolled filled with potatoes & onions.
Spinach Dosai $6.25
Rice & lentil crepes with spinach.
Spinach Masala Dosai $6.95
Rice & lentil crepes with spinach, potatoes & onions.
Rice Specialities
Curd Rice $5.95
Yogurt & Rice mixed mustard seeds & special seasonings.
Tamarind Rice $5.95
Marvelously pungent mixture made out of tamarind & special south Indian condiments blend to Basmati Rice.
Lemon Rice $5.95
Rice made with mildly spiced lemon juice mixture.
Tomato Rice $5.95
Rice made with tomato, mustard & red chilles.
Bisibella Bhath $5.95
Rice cooked with lentils & garden fresh vegetables.
Vegetable Speciality
Avial $7.49
Garden fresh vegetables cooked with coconut, yogurt & herbs.
Cabbage Porial $7.49
Cabbage cooked in southern style mustard seed & spices.

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