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Australia - NewZealand

These are the some of the sight seens of Australia & NewZeland.1.Kangaroos(Australia) 2.Skyrail Gondolas over Rainforest(Australia)3.Cruising down the Avon River (NewZealand) 4.Sydney Harbour.

A visit to Australia would not be complete unless you encounter a hopping kangaroo or running emu while driving through the countryside. Everyone wants to spy the cute koala sleeping on a branch. We offer American continental and Indian breakfast and Indian dinner wherever available. We have a 16 nights(7 nights in NewZealand and 9 nights in Australia) Vacation Package to Austalia and New Zealand. Your accomadation will be at the world famous hotels like Rydges, Hilton and Sheraton. Please let us know if you want to cutomize your trip.

*Day 1:- Auckland(New Zeland) . *Day 2:- Auckland - Waitomo - Rotorua.
*Day 3:-Rotorua -Queenstown). *Day 4:-Queenstown.
*Day 5:- Queenstown. *Day 6:- Queenstown - Franzjosef.
*Day 7:- Franz Josef - Grey Mouth - Christchurch. *Day 8:- Christchurch - Melbourne.
*Day 9:- Melbourne(Australian tour starts) . *Day 10:- Melbourne - Cairns.
*Day 11:- Cairns *Day 12:- Cairns - Brisbane - Gold Coast.
*Day 13:- Gold Coast. *Day 14:-  Gold Coast - Brisbane - Sydney.
*Day 15:-  Sydney. *Day 16:-  Sydney.
*Day 17:- Sydney - Flight.

The above are the some of the tour pictures of Europe. 1. Floriade (Germany) 2. The Elegant Tower Bridge (London) 3. Buckingham Palace (London) 4. Eiffel Tower (Paris). 

Immerse yourself in Italy and you'll be enchanted by Italy's history, art, landscapes and cuisine. castles, palaces and a wealth of historical and cultural sites await you in London.. Of course, a visit to Europe would not be complete without a stop in Paris, the "City of Light." We have a 15 day Vacation Package to Europe. Our SOTC package covers the beautiful countries like England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.  Please  call us to customize your package.

*Day 1:- London. *Day 2:-  London.
*Day 3:- London/Paris. *Day 4:-Paris.
*Day 5:- Brussels. *Day 6:- Amsterdam.
*Day 7:-  Germany. *Day 8:- Switzerland.
*Day 9:-  Switzerland. *Day 10:- Switzerland.
*Day 11:- Austria. *Day 12:-  Italy.
*Day 13:-Italy. *Day 14:- Vatican City.
*Day 15:- Fly Back home.

These are the some of the tour pictures of China.1. Sichuan Province 2. Li River Cruise 3,Shaolin temple.4. Chinese Wall.  

Travel to China is once-in-a-life time experience for most of the travellers. We understand traveler's needs and include most of China's highlights in tour packages and make them affordable. With a vision of precision and dedication and a touch of class APX assures your trip to China is pleasant and memorable. We offer American continental and Indian breakfast and Indian dinner wherever available. We provide accomadation at luxurious hotels like Shangri La Hotel (Beijing), JJ oriental Tower(Shanghai), Sheraton Xian Hotel(Xian), New City Garden Hotel(Suzhou), Sheraton Hotel(Suzhou /Wuxi), Continental Hotel(Hanghou) and Eaton Hotel(Hongkong). Please see 12/16 day Vacation Package to China; You can customize your trip with us.

*Day 1:- Depart West Coast. *Day 2:-  Arrive in Beijing.
*Day 3:- Chinese Wall, Ming Tombs. *Day 4:-  Forbidden City, Tian An Men Square, etc.
*Day 5:- Fly to Xian, Ancient City Wall, Goose Pagoda. *Day 6:- Xian-Terra-Cotta Warriors, Cruise.
*Day 7:-  Yangtze River, Fengdu(Ghost City). *Day 8:- Daning River, Shennong Stream on Boats.
*Day 9:-  Yangtze River, 3 Gorges Dam Site. *Day 10:- Wuhan, Yellow Crane Tower.
*Day 11:- Fly to Shanghai,  Haungpu River, Yu Garden *Day 12:- 12 day tour Itinerary ends - Fly to home.
*Day 12:- Shanghai to Suzhou, Lingering Garden. *Day 13:- Fly to Guilin, Red Flute Cave.
*Day 14:- Li River Cruise, Yangshuo. *Day15:- Guanghou, Train to HongKong. 
*Day 16:- Fly to West Coast  

These are the some of the tour pictures of Africa.1.Kruger National Park. 2. Victoria Falls 3. Amboseli National Park.4. Cape Town. 

Africa offers an astounding array of contrasts: from the serene beauty of South Africa with its golden beaches, excellent wineries, dramatic coastline and national parks; Zimbawe with the inspring Victoria Falls; Botswana with the Okavango Delta, a nature paradise; to the open plains and sand dunes of Tanzania have vast savanna grasslands and snow clad mountains. Everywhere we make it easy for you to view the wonderful wildlife. Please let us know, if you want to customize the package.

South Africa.Kenya
* Cape Town.* Masai Mara Game Reserve.
* Kruger National Park.* Amboseli National Park.
* Johannesburg.* Nairobi/Aberdare Park.
* Phinda Game Reserve / Sun City.  Botswana.
 Zimbabwe. * Chobe National Park.
* Victoria Falls. * Okavango Delta.
* Harare.

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